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Are you geared up to obtain your CDL Class A license? At United CDL, we equip you with comprehensive knowledge and extensive hands-on training, offering four weeks of both classroom instruction and in-depth on-road training. Our CDL Class A certification course is meticulously designed to ensure you are fully prepared to operate a “Class A” truck across any state in the US. After completing 40 hours of classroom learning and gaining practical experience on local and interstate roads, you’ll be well-prepared for your exam. But first, let’s understand what a CDL Class A license is and the prosperous career opportunities it can unlock for you.

A CDL license for Class A vehicles authorizes you to drive trucks weighing over 26,001 pounds, including most tractor-trailers. Additionally, if you’re towing another vehicle, it should weigh more than 10,000 pounds. This broad definition encompasses a wide range of commercial trucks, making the Class A license a highly practical and sought-after choice for aspiring drivers. Continue reading to discover the advantages of driving a Class A truck and how United CDL skillfully prepares you for your exam.

CDL Class A Certification

Achieving your Class A certification is a gateway to higher earnings and numerous advancement opportunities in your career. Our graduates often secure positions with starting salaries of at least $50,340*. With additional experience and endorsements, you could earn over $100,000! Our primary goal at United CDL is to offer top-tier CDL Class A training, ensuring our graduates are well-positioned for the best job opportunities.

At United CDL, we simplify the process of obtaining your CDL license and embarking on a more rewarding career. Don’t wait any longer; call us now to start the career journey you’ve been aspiring to!

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