CDL Refresher Course

If you’re gearing up for another attempt at your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) test, United CDL School is ready to assist you. Maybe it’s been some time since your last CDL exam attempt, and you want assurance of success for your next effort. In that case, United CDL School is the perfect choice for you!

Our CDL refresher course is designed to thoroughly prepare you for both the written and practical aspects of the exam. As one of the most affordable CDL schools, United CDL School is dedicated to helping you forge a new career in an industry with an average salary of $73,345*.

CDL Preparation

Our CDL refresher course runs for 40 hours each week and can be completed in just four weeks. We understand the needs of our students who have daytime commitments, and we offer night and weekend classes to accommodate their schedules. The training in our CDL refresher course includes:

  • Classroom

In our classroom training at United CDL School, students dive into the fundamentals of truck driving. This includes learning traffic laws, safety procedures, and vehicle operations. Our experienced instructors use engaging methods like multimedia presentations to ensure students are well-prepared for the written CDL exam.

  • Behind the Wheel

The behind-the-wheel training at United CDL School offers practical, hands-on experience. Under the guidance of seasoned instructors, students practice driving in various conditions, mastering maneuvers like reversing and highway driving. This practical approach builds the confidence and skills necessary for real-world truck driving.

United CDL School: Your Highway to Success!

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